Liberation Brewery

In one form or another, Liberation Brewery has been a traditional ingredient in Channel Island life for nearly 150 years. Beginning life as the Ann Street Brewery, our brewery became famous to Channel Island visitors for its Mary Ann beer.

Since then, we’ve continued to brew beer in the Channel Islands for the Channel Islands and its visitors. We’ve weathered two World Wars, German occupation, depressions, recessions and cultural shifts. Yet here we are, against the odds, still proudly doing what we do best. Making multi-award-winning beer the Liberation way without compromise or gimmicks.

Over the last few years we’ve won awards for our beers at the International Brewing Awards, The British Bottlers Institute Awards and Society of Independent Brewers Awards. Including this years big win from Taste of the West, winning gold for our Liberation Ale and IPA, also winning silver for our 150th Anniversary 1871 Double IPA.

Most recently our Liberation IPA won the championship Trophy and Gold Medal at the very prestigious International Brewing Awards. A real testament to all the hard work and dedication from the brewing team.