SeaLevel Launch at Old Court House

Join us for a very special event!

Local gin company, SeaLevel have had a cracking first year of business. Sarah, Jersey’s first female distiller has dreamed of owning a gin company for over a decade, financer by day and distiller by night she has made those dreams come true!

Nestled under a cherry tree at the bottom of the garden, SeaLevel began and still operates the same way with Sarah distilling and hand pouring 35 bottles at a time using recycled glass.

Jersey has the perfect sandy soil for fennel and coriander to thrive. So, along with growing these herself, Sarah handpicks, peels and dries all of the citrus fruit needed as well as growing the limes and lemons this cements the fact that SeaLevel’s range reflects the Island beautifully!

Join us on the 29th April from 3pm to meet Sarah, try a gin (or two) and enjoy live music at The Old Court House, no ticket necessary