Ye Olde EPA

If Shakespeare was around in the 21st Century, we guarantee his beer-of-choice would be our EPA, because it’s typically British and a celebration of English heritage…like the man himself!

Back in the 1800s, when EPA beer was originally produced, it was shipped to all the colonies in the British Empire. But by the time it got to destinations such as India, the beer had spoiled due to the long trip and hot weather – the transport wasn’t as fast as it is today.

Our EPA doesn’t travel that far..yet, but it does contain 4.2% ABV and with a unique light, tawny colour it tastes as good as it looks. Using Admiral, Pioneer and Cascade hops, this Pale Ale has a spicy and floral aroma for those who want to balance out the more oriental dishes.

Food Pairing

Oriental Dishes – Thai, Chinese, Vietnamese etc.

Where Can I Buy A Case?

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