Best Bitter

ABV 3.6%, available in Keg & Cask

Mary Ann Best (3.6% ABV) was born and brewed in the Channel Islands. She is a traditional best bitter which has been produced in the islands for more than 130 years.

Brewed using a blend of the finest Maris Otter and Chocolate malts, this dark bitter ale has a pronounced chocolate character. The well-rounded bitterness is perfectly balanced by a floral aroma derived from English Fuggles and goldings hops and drinks fuller than its ABV would suggest.


International Brewing Awards Keg Silver 2011,Bronze 2015, Dark Beer Gold 2011 Silver 2015, Bottle Bronze 2015

Food pairing

Steak, Hunter Pie and Hard Cheeses

SEE: Dark Oak
SMELL: Chocolate, Caramel & Roasted
TASTE: Toffee, Fruity & Roasted 
BITTER: 3½ out of 5
SWEET: 3½ out of 5

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